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7 Key Practices to Better Sense Intuition

7 Key Practices to Better Sense Intuition

The core ability of highly intuitive people is awareness

Aware of what you are experiencing. Aware of a sensation, impression, vibe or gut instinct. Aware of your body. Aware of others. Aware of your nature. Aware of the flow of life around you. Aware of choices. Aware of suffering. Aware of truth. Aware of ways to serve yourself and others.

You can train your mind to be more aware, just like you can train muscles in the body.


7 key practices to better sense intuition

Doing these exercises will improve your awareness of what you sense, and so you will better sense intuition. These are not how-to's in terms of asking intuitive questions or trusting and following intuitions. They are foundational so you will sense the subtle and begin to feel intuition in your body.

  • Describe everything sensually. Use all your senses to experience what happens to you externally and internally. Notice textures, density, temperature, heaviness, color, vividness of what is around you. Take time to describe what you experience with this vivid imagery. Doing something like wine tasting, coffee tasting, art viewing, music listening can all help with this.
  • Cross senses. Notice how a texture tastes. Notice how a sound feels. Notice how a sky feels to you. Notice how an emotion smells to you. The more you vividly sensualize, the more you vividly experience, the more your awareness expands. This sensualization is a gateway to move information between subconscious and conscious parts of the brain.
  • Notice what you notice. At any given time your mind is processing an extraordinary number of details, yet you only consciously notice some of them. The key to awareness is not necessarily being able to notice more, but simply to notice what gets your attention. By tuning your intention and subconscious to notice resources for your trip, you will notice resources. By tuning your intention to notice people who will make good friends, you will find them. Note, that if you intention is to notice why no one likes you, you will see only that; so focus your intention on what you really want. When asking an intuitive question, notice every detail because it is relevant.
  • Find something new. Intend to notice something new about someone you've known a long time, or a place you've been many times. Intend to notice details you wouldn't usually see. Ask new details to pop for you. It's fun.
  • Be present in the moment. If you are replaying the past or worrying about the future, you are not as aware of what is happening in the moment because your attention is elsewhere. The best way to get in the moment is to notice your senses right now. What do you hear? What does the air feel like? Feel the ground under your legs. This brings you back into the moment, right now. The more present you are, the more you will notice in perfect timing.
  • Notice in your body. When you have a stomach ache, instead of labeling it a stomach ache, describe it. Is it moving or still. What size is it. Does it have a color. Does it feel like mud or metal or rocks or choppy water or what. Describe texture, size, shape and whatever else you notice. Also do this if you have a headache, or pain in your knee. Practice this the next time you say you feel sad/anxious/worried/afraid/happy. Rather than just label the emotion, where is it in your body and what does it feel like, specifically. (After doing this with something uncomfortable in your body or emotions, after sensing it, turn your attention to include your whole body, so you don't stay focused on the pain.)
  • Concentrate. If you are easily distracted you will be less aware of what is happening, so practice concentrating your attention for short periods of time. When you are doing the dishes, practice being aware of the dishes and nothing else, even for 10 seconds. Or 1 minute. Notice when you get distracted and gently bring your attention back. Gently. It is the act of bringing your attention back that you are actually practicing. When noticing an intuition, thoughts may distract you, and so you want to develop concentration to bring yourself back. This is also true for meditation practice.

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