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Beyond Empathy

beyond empathy

Don't hold feelings (or anything). Don't try to fix them. Don't push them away because they are 'someone else's' and not yours. Just be with them. Welcome.

It doesn't matter if it is yours or theirs. If it is here, then it is ours and may it heal.


It doesn't matter if it is yours or theirs. It is just here. Or you could even say ours. It exists. As you bring awareness to what is here, allow it simply to heal within yourself (which it does naturally when you welcome it with awareness).

Since you are the totality, hey, it naturally heals others, too, without even trying to do anything for someone else.

It's as if you let everything go through you. There is nothing you are not, so no need to protect against someone's feelings. If you feel as if you are picking up someone else's feelings, all you are doing is holding on to them. Just let it be, let it through.

I am talking about a boundarylessness. I am not talking about having poor boundaries. With poor boundaries, you absorb and hold and fix. With boundaryless, you may feel what another is experiencing without losing your center. You are simply with the feeling and with the wholeness of All of You, fully present. I am also not talking about big boundaries where you refuse to feel someone because you think their energy is too low or bad. Then your heart is hard and you are defensive. You can be as if you have no center and everything goes through. And it is all okay.

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