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beyond power

beyond power

Arising, from within, is a power beyond imagination, beyond time, beyond space.

How are you with power? What is your relationship? What is power? Where does power come from? Contemplate this.

The person living from soul is neither humble, nor arrogant. He/She simply IS.

You are empty, available and freely guided in awareness.


There is no need for "I didn't do it." or "I did it." Simply, It is done. Or We did it. This is the way of no separation.

Open your awareness to Power.
Not the power of the universe. Not the power of you.
Simply be Power. Not separate.

Meet Power. Say hello.
What does Power feel like?
Ask Power to tell you its story.
Ask Power how it serves you and all of life.
Ask Power how you can be in harmony with it.
Ask Power to merge with you.

When you know Power, there is no need for fear. No need to grasp at power or avoid power either. No need claim power. Simply be power.
The purest power is infused with vision, compassion and action.
The purest power can be simple or mountainous. Firey, watery, earthy, airy or spacious.
The purest power can be assertive (in its masculine form) and flexible (in its feminine form).
As you know each, power blends and flow through you in appropriate moments, consciously, fearlessly, lovingly.

In the same way, you can be Surrender.

And then you can be both and neither, as the moment requires.
Because you have integrated both and they are not at odds with each other.
Because you are aligned.
Because you are empty, available and freely guided in awareness.

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