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Attention on Truth Outweighs Fear

experience without commentary

"I like this." "I don't like that." "This is good." "This is bad." "I want this, not that." All the labeling of what you notice with preferences provides a separation between you and the experience.

Learning to notice is a critical step in awareness. Witnessing is a step on the ladder of awareness. You become more keenly aware of all your senses both inner and outer. While an important step and skill, it can limit you. You can get caught in commentary about what you notice. Noticing can put you outside of the experience. There is transcendence beyond noticing and knowing.


Notice what you see. Notice what you hear. Notice all your senses. Notice both outside your physical body and within yourself.

Now, notice...

What is aware of you noticing?


When you deeply explore and notice in this way, you no longer experience noticing as a subject-object relationship, such as I notice a sound or I notice a feeling of tightness in my chest. You fold into awareness itself, or aware-ing, where there is no separation between the noticer, the noticing and the noticed. It is in the death of your separate sense of self, and the aliveness of your non-separateness, that you return to your natural state and experience yourself as you truly are. You experience directly, without a virtual reality of commentary layered over top of reality. You are being the witness, not just witnessing.

What is aware of you noticing?


When you notice in this way, you experience and you express from your natural state. And your natural state is in harmony with everything.

So don't fight, repress or try to get rid of the commentary. That resistance and type of control never really works. Instead, simply shift the allegiance of your attention to what is before, beyond, underneath and the source of every noticing. Relax and soften the noticer. This extends your field of being, your sense of boundary fades, and you rest in your non-separate and original state.

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