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Forget About Loving Everyone

forget about loving everyone

Do you have a grand wish to feel a sense of love for all beings? That all may feel the love of all they are? Love oneself? Love all of humanity? Let's pop that dream bubble and let's make it real, shall we?

What if instead of loving everyone, you love your sister, mother, father, partner, dog, boss, neighbor, grocery check out attendant, person driving the slow car ahead of you in traffic, your political enemy, your religious enemy...

Forget about loving everyone, all of time.

If you really want to learn about what love means, discover it by direct experience, right in front of you.

When I tried this, I discovered I did not know what love really is. Acting loving isn't love. Is it loving if I tell this person no? Is it loving if I walk away from this situation? What is loving? What is love?

So for me, I started with awareness of truth instead of love.

No need to act loving. Be love instead. When focused on your awareness, your true essence, love arises.


In this place, I connect with my essence, and naturally the essence of love. But I know that because that is what happened when I focused on awareness and intuition. All I intended was be aware of truth. I know I can follow the energy, the lightness of my being.

My intuition guiding me, I was moved in loving actions, words arose as love, and I continually rediscovered/rediscover love at new depths. It surprised me.

By focusing on awareness, on truth, on true essence, love just arises out of your being. And it is quite mysterious the forms it takes in words and actions. So I stopped focusing on loving and focused on true essence. And love appeared. And continues to express iself in new ways.

Then stretch. What can you love?

Can you love a disease? Or love a cold rainy day? Or a destructive storm? Or a rapist? Or is it an illusion to love what is?

You can only know by investigation, exploring deeply. I follow the lightness and energy—what I call Soulightenment— because it knows better than any concepts or constructs of my mind or what I've been taught. I encourage you to do the same. I find, when there is a tightness in some way I'm disconnected from truth. When I reconnect with truth, there is a lightness of being and love is there for everything. Then words, actions, simply arise in love. Experience love from awareness.

Forget about loving everyone. Make love real.

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