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grounding practice for awakening

Grounding is really just balancing. And not just to the Earth and physical body.


Your body is integrally involved in shifts in consciousness, as the body is not separate from consciousness. As consciousness evolves and wakes up in you, it blasts out egoic energy and the body changes, the whole system is changing. All realizations are useful to the extent they are embodied. Grounding helps bring all energies back into balance, removing excess energies and integrating energies more fully into the body.

This grounding practice, done with awareness, supports awakening at all levels of your being, being ALL of You.


Grounding Practice to Awaken at All Levels of Your Being
  • Reach your arms to the sky.
    As if you are touching starlight traveling from millions of light years away. Everything is always changing.
    You are beyond time. Nothingness. Impermanence.
  • Reach your arms out to the side.
    As if you are touching across the entire world to all the many beings, interconnected. Even more than that, you are not separate.
    You are beyond space. Everythingness. No separate self.
  • Reach your arms down to the Earth.
    As if you are rooted deep into the Earth.
    You are here.
  • Circle your arms back into your body, just below belly, to the hara.
    As if you've come full circle and balanced all these energies within your body. You are all of spirit expressed in this form. You are not merely your body, thoughts, or emotions.
    You are most fundamentally what is the source of all, in harmony, in balance.
    You are an expression of spirit, in body, in this moment. You are ALL of You.

This whole form of grounding—arms in the air, down to side, down to Earth and back to body— makes a full circle, balances energy, and informs all the cells of your being of the true nature of the non-separate self. And it feels good.


Still struggling with grounding?

You may want to dance and move intensely before this practice to shake off excess energy and help settle the mind, or do this practice outside on the Earth.

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