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Here I Am

here i am

Here I am.

No longer caught in time. No longer is your body here while your mind is somewhere else, busy fixing or planning. Here I am.

Present there is a radiant sense of emptiness that if full and vast with potentiality.

Presence here is an awakeness, a depth, a transcendence of being and non-being. Both. No me. No you. No floor. No room. No earth. No sky. No before. No after. Nothing that is everything. Empty, but alive. Empty. Awareness itself.

You’re both being and non-being in the same moment.

You are waiting for what is already here. I tell you, you can be awareness now.


And as you open your eyes...

You may experience an ‘am I still here!?!’ pinching of your skin.

Or perhaps a grasping to go back, which makes no sense. Are both self and non self true?

Or perhaps a lingering energetic sense of emptiness, feeling space between the space of the cells within you and all that you see, recognizing the ever changing and interconnected nature of everything.

Or perhaps an ecstatic sense of bliss and compassion for all.

Or perhaps a subtle sense of devotion.

Wait not

You have been waiting for some experience and then you will be happy.

You have been waiting, if only I am better at this or have that, I will be happy.

You have been waiting, if only I understand then I will be happy.

But knowing is right here. There is no there. There is no-thing to get to. It is only your mind that is stuck in time and not here. You are here. Let go of who you think you are. Let go of any story of what you should be or experience. Just experience. Who is having this thought? What is aware of this? I am here.

now how do i function?

What to do about appointments and bills and relationships….keep coming back to Here I Am. Extend your experience in multiple moments. Then multiple consecutive moments. Stabilizing understanding. Exploring anew how you relate with others, with your thoughts, all from this perspective.

A new perspective will give rise to new and spontaneous actions. Rather than acting with compassion, be compassion. The action will arise. Your body, your actions, your speech will flow with the momentum of the Universe. There is no place for process or rules here. Be and do from awareness, as awareness. Allow yourself to be curious, to explore, to be surprised. And keep coming back to Here I Am, when you find your thoughts chasing or figuring it out or confused. Know here. Know now. Here I Am.

You are waiting for what is already here. I tell you, you can be awareness now. If it can happen to me with my background, my past, my suffering, my drama, my monkey-mind...then you, too, can experience yourself as awareness, now.

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