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Fast Track Awakening - Spontaneous Realization

spontaneous realization

Scenario 1.

Practice, practice, study, practice, heal, learn, practice.....
eventually get __________(fill in the blank, good enough, smart enough, wise enough, clear enough, free enough, pure enough, etc) to be awakened, enlightened, experience truth of your nature, be one with divine, be in buddha/christ/one consciousness, or whatever you want to call being in the mystery.

Scenario 2.

Spontaneous Realization.

What you are seeking, practicing, isn't somewhere else. It simply is. Now. Truth, unveiled and unaltered. Nothing prevents the is-ness. Nothing separates you from the is-ness. Nothing isn't the is-ness. Everything is the is-ness.

Awareness is either aware to itself or it isn't.

There's nothing to get to or develop. In this moment, truth is.

The act of observing is even a separation, something is observing something else which is separate.

So. Spontaneous Realization then is like a folding back into oneself, into the pure truth of this moment, into an emptiness of being awareness itself, right now.

It is an illusion that awakening is a very long, difficult process. Awakening is simply being deeply in this moment.


Choose your scenario. I chose the first one, then dropped it.

In either scenario practice continues. Practice is still relevant. Practice continues to clear the mind of distractions that prevent being present, or Presence. Practice helps you continue to loosen the distortions of egoic perceptions. Practice is simply experiencing directly. Experiencing awakening doesn't convert one to an auto-saint either, but awakening does change one's perspective of all that is experienced. But to assume that all the distractions must be gone, and some state of pure mind is necessary in order to experience awakening to the truth of reality, is an illusion. Practice isn't the thing. Truth is.

I've actually practiced quite a bit. Practiced opening my mind to truth. To witnessing. To awareness. To wisdom, to compassion. To compassionate wisdom. But I've seen some who are spontaneously opening, simply because they are.

Some individuals on the Long, Develop, Practice, Scenario 1 track would warn this awakening state of awareness is very dangerous. Even frightening. We shouldn't even talk about it or we are not humble. But I say, how can truth of your nature be dangerous? Who says you have to have someone help you do it? Who says you have to practice a certain way, or label and name the states and stages? Who says you must have a guide assist you with the questions, with the states? Who says teachers are even the fastest way? Because this can place expectations that can also separate you from yourself and your own way. And many masters have departed from traditional paths to their own ways. There are many, many, many different paths in.

"In" itself even varies. Because opening to the absolute sense of reality of all, there is no-thing. There is no floor, no room, no you, no me, no time, all is of the same one-ness, is-ness, and there is presence of all potential, constantly creating itself, in the emptiness. One could even argue that this isn't even reality, because how does this intersect with the relative personality. Clearly there is a you and me and a floor and a room. It is merely an illusion, however, that these are all separate from each other. Living as this. Being this awareness in all moments, eyes open, day-to-day, is still to be explored, to lived. Even the concept of freedom is dropped. You are freedom. Concepts of love drop away. Love simply arises as the be-ing-ness. All these discoveries are experienced and awakening itself blossoms. But this doesn't mean you should plod along slowly and methodically and with great caution to prepare yourself for some great thing always out of reach. Every moment truth is here.

I do most certainly believe practice is still relevant, highly relevant. But to make any assumption that some long practice is required to awaken, is simply not truth.

As an Intuitive, I've had a singular focus.
Truth. Not just knowing it, but being it. Not just being aware of it, but living as it. And has been here all along. If you believe awakening is hard it is. If you believe it is unattainable, it is. If you believe you have to do something first to get 'there' then it will always be out of reach.

What if you drop the story of what awakening should look like, or be like?

You'd just be.


And, I'd love for everyone to awaken. To live as one.
And, I believe this happens for each one when it does and no one can rush it or make it so. But the invitation is open to all, now.
And I don't believe awakening is ever something to be cautious about. Awake fearlessly. It is simply truth.
And I don't believe it is something to grasp at or avoid. It is simply what is so. And what is so is ever-evolving.
And I do believe this leads us simply back to authenticity. Being authentic. Being truth. Now. Noticing. But even more, being.
And I do believe this leads us to seamlessly being awake and present, conscious in all moments, no separation between 'spiritual' and 'mundane'.

Your own awareness is the guide, for you.
Your own awareness leads you in to the center of all you are. That is its highest purpose. Intuition means inner teacher. Intuition is about 'what is so' and what is true. You are the awareness itself. In whatever practice or experiences you do, from yoga, to meditation, to running, to praying, to church, to temple, to dancing, to hiking, to tarot, to gardening, to making love, to art, to music, to cooking, to eating, to, to, to, to....be deeply present in it all. Doing it and being it.

This commitment makes room for the Spontaneous Realization.
This commitment helps you realize it isn't about any one state, but deeply experiencing all moments.
This commitment even leads you to practices, teachers, books, situations, meditations, podcasts, this blog, whatever, that may help create your opening and continuing to live in this realization once experienced.

But. No expectation. No assumption. No idea that any particular path is the way, or how long it takes. Deep within, you are the way. Already. You are not separate from it. You are not separate. You are ever-becoming, ever-creating. Truth is truth. Awareness is. What if you drop the story of what awakening should look like, or be like?

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