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True Purpose of Questions

true purpose of questions

Choose a question meaningful to you now. The question itself doesn't matter. Sit with the question. Experience the inner teacher revealing the answer as if teaching you, teaching others. You may want to write it, draw it, speak it, or act out its movement; however is fine.


You see, really, what a question does is get you listening. And that pulls you 'in'. Now notice the listening, rather than the content of what you are listening to. Listen in that way. Listen to the listening. Notice what is noticing.

All questions will ultimately collapse the questioner. Then you live as you are.


Our intuition (inner teacher) isn't about getting guidance...it's about being the Guider. The questions dissolve. The answers irrelevant. Rest in the not knowing. You are the not knowing, the unknown.

So ask any question there for you. Go into whatever is happening in your experience. Notice what is, notice the question, the answers. All questions can ultimately collapse the questioner. Pay attention in this way. Listen in this way. Feel beyond the questions and answers.

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