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wanting and fear disappear

wanting and fear disappear

The separate individual wants. A good job. A loving relationship. Things. Specific experiences. Particular feelings of happiness, calmness or whatever.

Perception changes

The undivided Self, you could say the True Self, simply is. It's quite a surprise, actually. Because after seeking and seeking and seeking (even seeking spirit or enlightenment), the whole paradigm collapses of wanting and seeking. The Seeker dissolves and you see through the illusion of there being any separate self. So, there isn't anything in it for a you anymore. There isn't anything that is needed, because you are everything. There isn't anything feared either.

Life hasn't changed and suddenly supplied you with 'all these things you want'. The perception changes. And everything you have is what you want. You are everything you could ever want. It's kind of trippy. Until it isn't. It's just the way of it.

All those 'things' and 'feelings' and 'thoughts' are nothing compared to the limitless fulfillment of your true self. By being present with whatever is wanted, whatever is feared, whatever is experienced, it just happens that all wanting and fear disappears. Your mind stops living in the past and future and you simply are.

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