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What Is is always a becoming.

what Is is always a becoming

'What is' is always a becoming.
It isn't static.
An Unfolding Now.

The reality of what is isn't just the concrete thing you think it is forever. It is both what is formed AND what is not yet formed. Right now it is daytime, but night time is also here; it is coming this very moment. I accept both that it is day and night. I accept that I am both alive and dying, even in this moment.

Acceptance of the moment AND a participation in creation itself. This is balance.


When reality is seen in this way, it has a tremendous impact on how you live, how you create, how you manifest. There is an acceptance of the moment AND a participation in creation itself. This is balance. This is real.

Rejection of What Is impacts creation

If you reject What Is- not wanting it, pushing it away, fighting against it to experience something different- then part of what is real is denied, not included in the whole. This rejection, this denial, impacts creation, because energy is poured into the division, into the untruth and denial, rather into the truth of What Actually Is and all the possibilities of its becoming in this moment.

How can you expect to have any creative or transformative power when your energy isn't even here because it is somewhere else, wanting something else?

Not labeling or categorizing keeps energy from draining

I notice what it is and that's just what it is. No label of good or bad as that would simply be a distraction and drain of energy; a push away from the moment is a draining effort. When you are open, your noticing is aware, broad, you are available and you naturally begin to create in harmony with life.

Controlling life is draining

You will notice if your ego becomes very involved in the process becomes it is more draining in an effort to control the process.

I don't want this job - I deserve more money and will create it now. And then you get frustrated with why a new job hasn't landed in your lap because you've been thinking about it and so shouldn't it be created because thought is creative? What is the matter with me? Why am I blocking this in my life? You spend a lot of energy affirming and feeling the new job, rejecting the current job. This is very draining and not very natural.

When you accept that your job is perfect right now, something else opens up. It may be perfect in its imperfection; perfect simply because it is the reality of what is now. (Reality always trumps your imagined story of what reality should be.) Now you are open to reality and open to possibilities of what else is also here, what else is also possible. Even in this moment the job is changing.

Everything is always changing

Nothing is actually staying the same. The job may be becoming more satisfying or more profitable. The management may be changing. Another job or career may be opening somewhere else. When you aren't pushing away from the moment, you can be open to sensing the possibilities and the space to create something new in alignment with the whole of life rather than in a small mind that's self-centered and thinking only of what it wants or fears. You sense the possibilities, the potentials. They may be very small things, like finding satisfaction where you are in little ways. They may be very big things, like changing the entire government of a nation.

What Is is always a becoming. Reality is that everything is always changing and you are not separate from any of creation. So enjoy the unfolding.

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