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All of You Mentoring

This is a warm invitation for sincere seekers to step into being All of You, with nothing left behind or hidden in fear. You are invited to live your deepest love and clearest wisdom, while embracing all the quirks that make you uniquely you.
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When we are disconnected from our inner knowing, we don't see things as they truly are, and are cut off from clarity and confidence in our choices.
Awakening at the level of the mind we realize we are nothingness, emptiness and all seeking ends.

When we resist what we feel and experience, we are filled with judgments of how things should be, and are cut off from joy and calm.
Awakening at the level of the heart we realize we are everything, and engage intimately with all of life.

When we are don't let things be as they are and aren't fully present, we are driven by agendas of getting what we want and avoiding what we fear so we are cut off from our freedom, clear actions, essential uniqueness and gifts to bring forth in the world.
Awakening at the level of the gut we realize we are now, and we live freely as we truly are.

"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves." - Nisargadatta Maharaj

All of You framework

Over the last decade since my teacher sent me off to teach, this work emerged as the All of You framework. It's a practical approach in that it meets you in the juiciness of your daily life and all of its foibles, while simultaneously opening to the deeper truths of our most authentic self. Our daily-life and spiritualness aren't separate things.

There are parts of you that want to have your problems solved now, right?
The All of You doesn't see things as problems.

Parts of you want certainty, that everything will work out, yes?
The All of You knows every moment is uncertain and embraces that.

The smaller you wants peace in the form of difficulties ending.
The All of You is ease, a steadiness regardless of circumstances.

Parts of you want to trust your choices.
All of You inherently trusts and embraces Life.

The smaller you wants to get what it wants, even by awakening!
The All of You has no such agenda, you come to not want or fear.

All of You mentoring honors both the parts and the All.

We address what's going on in every day life while simultaneously opening your curiosity in a way that shifts your perception back to your natural way of being. Reconnecting with what is trustworthy within you, your inherent wisdom is an essential aspect of this approach.

Keeping it real

I've heard people say that they appreciate that I keep things real. My teacher is real. He tells it like it is. He honors the mind and the mystery. He could be extraordinarily gentle, totally neutral, hilarious, or kick me in the patootie fiercely. And then we could also go out on the boat.

I hope I'm doing him proud in offering the same for you. I work like a guide, a friend, a teacher, a healer, a fierce pointer, or a gentle mentor, as needed, with whatever is here for you. Though I don't have a boat. Usually we'll work by phone or skype. We can have sessions on your boat if you want though, just saying.

Working together, one-on-one we will cultivate an inner environment ripe for bringing forward all that you are.
  • Curiosity and wonder that brings forth an open mind, clarity and comfortableness with uncertainty.
  • Inner kindness and resilience to lean in to what you experience, to live with an undefended heart and connect intimately.
  • Courage to see the truth and trust your highest wisdom
  • Fierce love to embrace your humanity and show up each moment

If you are like many seekers, I know you want to feel okay with your choices, with your life, and with yourself. You care. I know you are an explorer and have probably worked hard to improve yourself.

What I've discovered though, is that when we are trying to transform ourselves, there is often an element of self-rejection. In an effort to feel good, we inadvertently resist the gifts that are in our direct experience this moment. The All of You framework models another way for us.

You are invited to an essential okayness of being all of you, right now. And this is possible regardless of your circumstances.

Guidance can take the form of:
  • Clarity to take a next step on a decision or challenge, and trust
  • Dissolving pains or misperceptions getting in the way
  • Identifying best practices for YOUR style (intuitive inquiry, healing, and mindfulness).
  • Guidance on the keys to making practices effective and honing your practices (and results)
  • Eliminating the key block you have to perceiving and trusting your intuition
  • Guided visualizations for insight and integrating all parts of you
  • Guided meditations, for letting things be, opening the heart, realizing your true nature, accessing higher levels of consciousness
  • Practices to cultivate joy, clarity, ease, steadiness, emotional resilience
  • Practice sensing what is reality, versus what the mind wants or fears
  • Visioning what wants to emerge, and be created, that is your unique purpose
  • Recommendations, referrals, and further resources to support you
  • Practical application to what is happening in your life
  • Cultivating an inner environment that nourishes awakening at all levels of your being — head, heart, and gut
What's it like to work with me?

While it's unique for everyone, I find a question people often ask themselves before we work together is, "Will this work for me?" And that's a great question to be asking.

It's not about some inherent ability you have or don't have. It can't be, because it's simply returning to what you already are. Effectiveness correlates most highly to sincerity and open-mindedness.

I've worked with people with no prior experience who had profound awakenings in a weekend. I've worked with people with decades of experience, who had breakthroughs in an weekend. Some people prefer to work over years, continuing to gain support from the community as they evolve and apply understandings in their lives.

If surrendering and letting go comes easy to you, this approach will work for you.

If surrendering is terribly difficult and you want to control, this approach will work for you and help you let go.

Here are what a few people say about working with me, to give you an idea.

"What struck me most was the clear-cut, simple structure for making decisions. I imagine that such simplicity comes from a great deal of knowledge and experience. Really appreciate benefiting from that! I finally felt grounded with something that had previously been too mysterious. So I stopped asking myself the same questions over and over, which was sapping my energy." - K.B., Meditation Teacher

"I was really hanging on to a relationship and was doubting myself. After you guided me through an exercise and my own intuition showed me a new way, I still hesitated and was afraid. You kept encouraging me and helped me see logically how I was in fear. You really helped me let go of an unfulfilling relationship and make room for this one. We've been happily married for years. It changed my life." - S.M., Realtor

"I went from a cynic to "holy crap this is" it in a weekend. I was aware of being one. Everything has changed since then." E.H.



  • All mentoring is available by phone (most people work this way), Skype, and also in person in Northern VA.
  • Choose one hour sessions or a Personal Retreat Day.
  • I will contact you with logistics for getting started once you register.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Just contact me at or call my cell phone at 703-980-0889.

If you'd like some guidance bringing your truest self forward, choose an option below and we'll get started.


All of You Mentoring Session

$250 - One 60 minute session

[Mentoring available in packages at this time (see below), rather than single sessions, since I'm home with a little one. ]


All of You Mentoring - 3 Sessions (one hour each)
Choose your preferred payment option.

Option One (Best Deal):
1 quick payment of $650

Option Two:
3 monthly payments of $233 ($699 total)

Sessions may be used in one month in quick succession, or up to three months, to be determined together.


All of You Mentoring - 9 Sessions (one hour each)
Choose your preferred payment option.

Option One (Best Deal):
1 quick payment of $1750

Option Two:
3 monthly payments of $625 ($1875 total)

Sessions may be used in quick succession within 3 months, or up to 6 months, to be determined as we work together.


All of You Personal Retreat Day

One-on-one with me for a day, with a before and after session.

This is your most intimate way for us to work together. It is just you and me for the day with all our focus completely customized to you — to bring your truest you forward.

In the ways you've been holding back, we are going to create a beautiful welcoming back to you.

  • We are going to get you clear about your intuitive style and best matched intuitive technique that will help you feel connected to your inherent wisdom and confidence. This is finding the most trustworthy place within you.

  • We are going to get you clear on your next best steps in your life, because we are going to apply everything practically.

  • You are going to reclaim hidden power and wholeness, because we are going to bring into awareness the aspect of you most resistant and holding back your wisdom and peace, so it is integrated.

  • You will reconnect with the wisdom in you that makes decisions smooth and unburdened, that is open to the unknowns in life.

  • You will reconnect with the love in you that is kinder to yourself and approaches life experiences with a steadiness, a calm, regardless of circumstances.

  • You'll leave knowing how to continue these practices for yourself, cleared of main blocks, and knowing the keys to practice that keep revealing All of You.

Before and after sessions, in addition to your retreat day

Before your personal retreat with me, we will have an initial 30-60 min session so we get clear on what you need and I can set up the day for what we will focus on. Then on your retreat day, we'll work together on the phone or skype. Set aside some time that day both before and after, I'll explain why when we get started. Within a couple weeks, we'll hop on the phone again to touch base.

Extended period of time to directly, energetically experience

What's special about the retreat day is you really get a flow going in how you are sensing and directly experiencing your freedom, clarity, openness, calm during our call. No information or book provides this. You will feel the transmission, the direct experience of your wholeness. This stretches your inner container and recognition of you...OH! THAT'S REALLY HOW THIS FEELS! THIS IS POSSIBLE! ... There's no going back from that. Your system knows. Beautiful.

A little heads up

It's important you know up front that this work can change your life. I don't mean that in a puppies and kittens kind of way. You start seeing things for what they are. You start seeing what you didn't see before. You start seeing what areas of your life that are not aligned with the truest you. That might be simple or more complicated, depending on how you've been living. It's beautiful or difficult to make adjustments in direct proportion to how much you resist. A central part of our work together is to open you to what leans in to All of You and Life, rather than resists. It's more beautiful than living as not you. And if you've read this far down the page, you ARE ready.

If it interests you to have this personal guidance in a focused way, then click below to register and we'll get you set up for your retreat day.
If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Just contact me at or call my cell phone at 703-980-0889.

Choose your preferred payment option.

Option One (Best Deal):
1 payment of $1297

Option Two:
Two payments of $695 (50% now, and 50% due before retreat)


"I am much calmer, peaceful and accepting." -D.W., Sales Manager

"My life is brimming with some big questions and stuck places right now, and I am truly grateful to receive guidance. Meredith is the Truth, She is not separate from the Truth, She is not separate." K.C.

"Meredith's guidance was customized especially for me and I felt comfortable, safe and loved working with her. She is not only intuitive and wise, but playful and fun as well!" -J.S., Psychotherapist and EFT teacher