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All events point you directly inward to your own direct experience and the truth of your nature. Explore sincerely and deeply what it is to live beyond stories, ideas and concepts and simply be as you are, trusting and following your intuition.


Mentoring Groups - support to be ALL of You
ALL of You Mentoring group, supporting your awareness & awakening
Illumination Groups

Sessions the second weekend of each month with active online community

Mentoring is individualized to deepen your intuition, heal blocks that keep you stuck, cultivate mindfulness and other practical tools and princples to be your truest self in all your life.

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All of You Retreat
a place to be and explore ALL of You
All of You Retreat

May 15-17; Graystone Cottage, Lake Anna, VA

You are warmly invited to welcome All of You in retreat. Your deepest Wisdom, fullest Love, Freedom and all the quirks of you are explored to bring forth your truest you in way that can transform your life. With a serene lake, good food, a glass of wine, and beautiful community, you will also be rejuvenated and refreshed to be all of you in your life. more info

You can now participate in this retreat from home