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audio recordings

Audios are being reformatted and will be reposted. Please subscribe to the ezine and I'll share them with you when they are ready.

Audio recording clips, meditations and guided visualizations from events.

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Mind like the sky - awareness that does not come and go - (4 mins)
Just one breath - (5 mins)
Open awareness - (2 mins)
Interdependence - (9 mins)
Attention on breath - (15 mins)
Body scan - (12 mins)
Experience direct senses - quickest way to be here - (3 mins)
Open Fresh Still Stable exercise - (8 mins)
Guided Meditation - Resting Your Being In What Is Listening - (33 mins)
Shamanic Journey - Integrate Parts that are Holding Back - (22 mins)
About Journeying - to embody and integrate everything - (9 mins)
Working with the skeptic - when truth comes in white spandex - (9 mins)
Wise discrimination - truck analogy - (1 min)

written teachings

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