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All of You Retreat
May 15-17, 2015 | Lake Anna, VA
Do this retreat from your home at a time convenient for you, click here for the audio recordings.
Welcome All of You fully — with nothing hidden or left behind in fear.


All of You Retreat

With the distractions of going, going, and going in our daily life...with the tug of people's expectations for us and our uber demanding expectations for ourselves...we become drained and lose access to our inherent wisdom that is All of You, and that even includes the wisdom in all our most painful feelings. Retreat is an opportunity to stop, to turn attention inward and to bring forward who we truly are.

Without tapping in to our deepest resources, we are disconnected from our clarity. We lose our sense of ease and calm. We can't feel our love in the full and rich way it wants to be shared. We find ourselves spinning the same questions over and over, and repeating the same patterns.

After years of working with so many caring and committed seekers, I see how nearly emaciated and starved people are to feel their connection with themselves, each other and all of life.

The All of You Retreat is an inspired, carefully shaped environment for awakening your truest you, to hear your intuitive wisdom and all the parts of you that you've disowned, repressed or never stepped into.

You receive personalized guidance and have plenty of time for questions and help in a supportive small group setting.

All of You Retreat

And yet, the community aspect fuels our inner work. Our shared intention is an amplifier. We can often see in others what is hard to see in ourselves, making our learning more thorough. The community helps holds the vision of what you are and what you are becoming as it becomes more mature. And the community provides a rich tapestry and reflection of the oneness of all of life beyond our small sense of self.

Really, it's a collective awakening we are in. We are in a spiritual renaissance that is re-balancing of the feminine. And the feminine aspect is communal, so we truly need each other to evolve.

Retreat is an invitation to All of You which is really an invitation beyond us and them.

All of You Retreat

An essential okayness of you, and others, and life settles in, or rather returns, as we explore, inquire, invite stillness, and rejuvenate. I see in my young daughter the freedom of unselfconsciousness. And I've seen adults return to That, too. We can.

Power that's been suppressed also returns. An inner kindness and vulnerability emerges. We are softening, living with an undefended heart that makes us both humble and bold.

To nourish you most deeply, the environment is loving and serene, with great food, a little wine, connections with lovely people, and time around the fire, weather permitting. It is fundamentally restorative.

Most of my big breakthroughs, and client breakthroughs, happened on retreat. It's my favorite way for us to explore together and I'm thrilled to invite you and explore what unfolds together.

If this sounds good to you, please join us on retreat.

"DO this! If you are even remotely pulled to this, do it. I've done two and they transformed me in bedrock ways. It's a gift to yourself, and the people around you. I haven't been to ANY workshops which gave me the gifts of transformation and shift that these retreats did." J.B.

You can expect to:
  • Shift from the mind's confusions, judgments and struggles, to clarity and wisdom
  • See through limiting stories and spiritual misunderstandings, and sense things as they truly are
  • Dissolve overwhelm, anxiety, frustration and sadness and minimize the way it grabs you
  • Meet the essence of your unique shadows and habits, and transform them into gifts that empower you
  • Identify 3 keys to practice in a way that brings clear wisdom, full love and freedom in your life
  • Access higher levels of consciousness, with perspective of how states come and go
  • Learn principles that will help you experience more calm, steadiness, emotional resilience and ease, especially when there are difficult circumstances
  • Identify practices that awaken you at all levels of your being-- the head, heart and gut
  • Discover and resolve ways you check out and resist your experiences
  • Resolve practical, real-life issues
  • Explore relating with others consciously (becoming aware of you, other, the space that is shared)

"I went from a cynic to "holy crap this is" it in a weekend. I was aware of being one. Everything has changed since then." E.H.

Retreat is carefully structured to bring forth All of You

Experiences include:

  • coaching in intuitive self-inquiry
  • exercises seeing through blocks to what is true (healing subconscious patterns and reframing conscious attention)
  • guided visualizations
  • silent and active meditation (practice letting things be as they are)
  • shared meals with toasts of wine
  • question & answer, you will get specific guidance for you throughout the weekend

We engage in shared practice, so we can support each other and also benefit from each other's presence. It's a supportive community. There will also be time for quiet, in a serene lake setting.

Lake Anna, VA

A serene setting 90 mins from DC.

Meals. All loved meals, snacks and drinks are included in retreat cost.

Relaxation. Refresh your body and spirit as you enjoy the fire pit/deck/porch/dock, or playing pool. Refocus, refresh and recharge.

Lodging. Accommodates up to 10 people in shared rooms and shared bathrooms, some singles. All rooms have lake view. Beautiful, serene, restorative setting. Graystone Cottage


Arrive: Fri 3:00-5:30pm | Depart: Sun 3:30pm
Fri: 6:30-9:30pm (dinner at 6:30pm)
Fri/Sat: 8:30am - 9:30pm
Sun: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Each day there will be small group sessions, periods of silence, breaks, shared meals, one-on-one support, light movement and space to rest.

Every retreat is organic, customized to participants and shared collective awakening. For this reason, please plan to attend the entire retreat. This minimizes distractions and supports the community environment.

$597, lodging and meals included.
$127 down payment to reserve your spot, with remainder due two weeks prior to retreat.
Mentoring Group members and former retreat participants receive 25% off.

Information will be emailed to you upon registration regarding directions and what to bring. Please make advance arrangements with obligations at home to minimize all distractions so you can give yourself the space of retreat.

"I've been on this path for dozens of years. But something different happens when I'm in your energy. I transform more rapidly in your presence. A presence which is open to me even when you are not here." J.C.B

10 days or more before retreat, full refund less $75 cancellation fee.
9 days or less: no refund of event fee, you may transfer your registration to someone else.

Events will be recorded to share teachings with others. If you'd prefer not to be recorded, please inform us in writing prior to retreat.

"Every moment of the entire 48 hours of the retreat was meaningful. I felt as though I had grown and healed over a period of years, not hours."  —  L.T.

Being All of You is a gift to yourself and to the world. If this feels good to you, then please join us on retreat. It's $127 down to reserve your spot (after May 5, full investment is due).

There is limited room for this small group retreat to provide you personal attention and guidance, so registration is on a first come, first serve basis. (Balance due in full two weeks before retreat.)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about retreat.

Please click below to register. See you on retreat.

All of You Retreat - $597

Mentoring Group members & former retreat participants only (25% off) - $447

"I have had some sort of insight just about every day since the retreat. Just little things that I never would have picked up on before. I am much more aware of everything."  —  E.H.

"I feel more connected to everything around me... I'm more aware of energies and I have more energy. I can see my thoughts and "patterns" with more clarity."  —  N.C.

"A tremendous leap in the level of trust I afford myself, both in myself and this journey. "  —   M.M.