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All of You Retreat at Home (audio recordings)
Welcome All of You fully — with nothing hidden or left behind in fear.


All of You Retreat

Create your at home retreat using the audios from the All of You Retreat.

This retreat focuses on bringing forward All of You, so you experience you and your life with more clarity, love and ease. Guided exercises and teachings support you directly sensing into and brining forward your truest self.

There are 10 audio recordings (7 hours of teaching and guided exercises).

Retreat Sessions

    All of You Retreat
  • Welcome and orientation/intention, whole body listening (44mins)
  • Integrating the Should/Shouldn't parts that hold you back (117mins)
    - conscious serves subconscious serves superconscious
    - guided visualization to integrate parts that should/shouldn't
    - Q&A (improving interpretation and embodying insight)
    - Yes/No technique
    - Q&A direct experience vs concepts
  • Wholeness exercise - beyond seeking mind and non-seeking mind (44mins)
  • Guided visualization - invitation to All of You (22 mins)
  • Loving Yourself (25 mins)
  • All of You Retreat Ritual
  • Exploring Awareness, Love and Protection (68 mins)
    - Meredith's awakening sense of emptiness
    - guided meditation exploring awareness, love
    - Q&A Dissolving protection to experience love
  • Living life as an experiment (13 mins)
  • Insights exercise for happenings in your life (18 ins)
  • Ritual : Ending to Emerging (2mins)
  • From Here (2 mins)

An essential okayness of you, and others, and life is welcomed back.

Power that's been suppressed also returns. An inner kindness emerges.

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"I went from a cynic to "holy crap this is" it in a weekend. I was aware of being one. Everything has changed since then." E.H.

"I haven't been to ANY workshops which gave me the gifts of transformation and shift that these retreats did." J.B.

You can expect to:
  • Shift from the mind's judgments and struggles, to clarity and wisdom
  • See through limiting stories and spiritual misunderstandings, and sense things as they truly are
  • Recognize and integrate parts of you that create overwhelm, anxiety, frustration and sadness and minimize the way it grabs you
  • Access higher levels of consciousness, with perspective of how states come and go
  • Learn principles that will help you experience more calm, steadiness, emotional resilience and ease, especially when there are difficult circumstances
  • Discover and resolve ways you check out and resist your experiences
  • Resolve practical, real-life issues
All of You Retreat at Home- $47 (10 audio recordings)

Refund policy: We gladly refund you for defective items, or will replace if you prefer.

Bring All of You Forward Event - $77 (includes audios)

June 17th, 7pm EST , group conference call
It'll be like sitting around a virtual fire like we are on retreat together
where you can get guidance and
we can deepen what we explored on our personal retreats.

The event will be recorded, so you can participate even if you can't attend live.
You can email questions in advance.

Deadline to register is May 31st.

Yes, you are welcome to attend even if you aren't going through all of the retreat at home audios. If you feel called to join in, if you feel called to being all of who you are, you are most welcome.

"I have had some sort of insight just about every day since the retreat. Just little things that I never would have picked up on before. I am much more aware of everything."  —  E.H.

"I feel more connected to everything around me... I'm more aware of energies and I have more energy. I can see my thoughts and "patterns" with more clarity."  —  N.C.

"A tremendous leap in the level of trust I afford myself, both in myself and this journey. "  —   M.M.